Project Structure for Serverless Microservices

Building microservices based on serverless platform services provided by public cloud providers is pretty easy. However, there seems to be no real recommendations how to set up and manage bigger codebases. In this post I’ll explain how we decided to structure a project when we started working on a serverless backend API in one of our client projects.

A Build Pipeline for Jekyll Sites

It’s easy to set up a build pipeline to automatically publish your Jekyll site whenever you push new content to your git repository. This way you are able to automate this whole process.

Hosting Static Websites on AWS

Hosting static websites by combining managed services offered by AWS provides a solution with almost no operations overhead at very low cost. Furthermore, no additional work is required to make it fault-tolerant and scalable. This post shows how the setup can be completely automated to get started in literally a couple of minutes.

CloudFront Basic Authorizer

Basic authentication can be added pretty easily to CloudFront distributions using a simple Lambda@Edge function. This opens up the possibility to restrict access to static websites hosted with AWS S3.