6 reasons for using the AWS DevOps tools

AWS provides a set of services for supporting the DevOps tool chain. With these tools it’s easy to run the complete DevOps Pipeline on AWS. Here are 6 reasons why everyone using AWS should use these tools for automating their processes for building, testing and deploying their applications.

Send commit status from CodePipeline to GitHub

GitHub provides a simple API for updating the status of commits based on the results of Continuous Integration (CI) builds. This can easily be integrated with AWS CodePipeline which has no out-of-the-box support for this feature.

A Serverless CI/CD Pipeline for SAM applications

Automation is king! In this blog post I show how simple it is to setup a CI/CD pipeline for automatically building and deploying Serverless applications based on SAM running on AWS.

A Build Pipeline for Jekyll Sites

It’s easy to set up a build pipeline to automatically publish your Jekyll site whenever you push new content to your git repository. This way you are able to automate this whole process.